My paintings contain enigmatic narratives and have symbolic autobiographical concepts which sensitise the viewer to what is beyond my own limits of expression through words. Although I wholly invent the figures that I paint, they often depict or symbolise a woman with whom I am able to identify. 

I often form images by associating my own memories with particular verses I find in autobiographical poetry and literature. I relate strongly to certain words and phrases which triggers self-mediation, contemplation of my own life experiences and the visualisation of vivid images. I respond by creating subtle compositions that embody a sense of separation and trauma, enabling me to embark upon a cathartic journey whereby I seek to create a depiction which is beautiful. 

Aesthetics are important in my work as I believe that it makes sensitive and hard realities more accessible to viewers but also allows me to externalise topics with less self-restraint than if I were to speak about them. I am inspired by poetry as often an agonizing subject is portrayed through the delicate and graceful formation of words which soothe. This is what I am trying to achieve through painting. 

I regularly use fragmented and partially erased forms, both figurative and written, which evoke traces of subjects that were once there although seemingly absent. These traces can be interpreted as passing moments in time and the existence of memory itself. Fissures are determined in my work through aspects of fragmentation and erasure but also frequently through the use of bare canvas and negative space. Their purpose; to recalling moments of imperceptible anxiety and disengagement, yet at the same time, opening the silence of the image and giving a distance to speculate.