My paintings contain enigmatic narratives, offering a different perspective and sensitising the viewer to what is beyond the limits of language. Although often depicting the woman’s body, I refer to my work as having autobiographical connotations rather than being feminist. The figures I paint are invented. They are someone with whom I am able to identify.

I often form images by associating my memories with particular verses that I find in poetry. I am influenced by literature that is often rooted in nature but more profoundly, that displays a confessional approach and triggers self-mediation. I absorb and digest this whilst also reflecting on what I see and hear around me in my current environment. I respond by creating fictional, timeless, placeless compositions that embody a sense of struggle, hope and presence.

I use fragmented and partially erased forms, both figurative and written, which evoke traces of subjects that were once there although seemingly absent. These traces can be interpreted as passing moments in time or memory itself. Whereby fissures recall occasions of ambivalence and disengagement, yet visibility depicts an undeniable certainty and continuation.

Often, I combine these reoccurring themes into installation paintings of which I use a variety of materials, processes and carefully selected objects, which work together in a meaningful dialogue, cementing the underlying theme of fragmentation and fissures which my work tries to determine.